Just Letting also provide 24Hour Just Cleaning Services


RATES – from $49 per hour excl GST

1: DOMESTIC CLEANS: This service includes cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, laundry, bedrooms, study and Hall ways

The house will be vacuumed throughout including under high raised furniture (furniture not moved). Cupboard faces, tiles, mirrors and floors will be cleaned and hard floors mopped. Dusting of all the skirting boards, window sills, lamp shades, table tops and (decorative items and ornaments not picked up). (Window Cleaning can be included)

2: BOND CLEANS: we work closely with you to get your rental in tip top shape

3: BUILDERS CLEANS: we clean your property ready for display

4: PRE-SALE / APPRAISAL CLEANS: everything to do with cleaning to promote your
property for prospective buyers or mortgage presentation

5: PRESSURE WASHING: building washing, decks ,walls, floors, gutters, facia

6: COMMERCIAL CLEANS: Includes general office cleaning, ensuring your building or business is kept clean and tidy, providing a safe and clean environment for your staff and customers

Dusting – all horizontal surfaces, fixtures and fittings, sanitising, deep cleaning, odour control of bathrooms, daily rubbish disposal, daily vacuuming, Cleaning glasses, surfaces, mirrors and other internal partitions. Hot, dry or damp mopping daily of hard floors. Collection of dishes and loading into dishwasher

7: POOL CLEANING SERVICE: We offer both casual and regular scheduled pool valet services. We’ll tailor your pool maintenance and servicing to suit your individual needs

  • Water analysis and monitoring – monitoring chlorine levels, checking and adjusting as required, swimming pool pH levels, calcium levels, alkalinity and cyanuric acid levels, and salt percentage
  • Full pool cleaning service – pool vacuum, brush and scoop
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance – cleaning of all skimmers and pump baskets. Backwash pool sand filters
  • Cleaning of pool surfaces – brushing of pool sides and cleaning tiles. Removal of scum build-up etc
  • General check of all pool equipment – including: swimming pool pumps, filters, heaters. Checking for leaks etc
  • Advise of any swimming pool maintenance issues – remember, maintenance of equipment is less expensive than repairs when that equipment breaks down

8: IT hygiene – Commercial Computer Equipment Cleaning

9: Ironing Service

We all know it is difficult to get a reliable, good cleaner with attention to detail so give us a call Des 021492945 or contact us via e-mail des@justletting.co.nz with your requirements